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Combi TG-1250-6/75

Faci clic per veure l'imatge

The Combi Tg-1250-6/75 is a combined folding shears that as it shears has a length of cut of 1,250 mm. Its capacity of cut is in steel of 42 kg/m2 of 6 mm, in stainless steel of 70 kg/m2 of 3 mm and in aluminum it is of 8 mm. Its angle of cut is of 2 degrees. The engine power is of 12 CV. It has 7 blankholders with a diameter of 50 mm. The passage between blankholders and pulls is of 15 mm the distance edge of cut to blankholder’s center is of 28 mm. The pressure of the hydraulic pump is of between 150 and 250 bar. The section of the blade is of 40 xs 15. The capacity of the hydraulic oil tank is of 130 liters.

Faci clic per veure l' imatge

The number of cuts per minute is of between 15 and 20. On the other hand, as folding it has a length of fold of 1,400 mm. Its force of fold is of 75 t, and the 50 recoil force is of t. Its race is of 150 mm. The distance between shear and the table are of 340 mm. Its decollete is of 200, and the Maxima pressure of the 250 pump is of bar. Their dimensions are: length 1,800 mm, bottom 1,900 mm and stop 2,220 mm. Its weight is of 4,000 kg.

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