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Our Company: Who We are? and What We made?

Company dedicated to the manufacture of folding presses and shears for plate works. Our manufacture is guaranteed by the years of experience in I+D investigation and development in the sector of the industrial machinery.This is a combined shear and folding machine, an innovation that has changed several aspects of the world of shearing and folding sheet metal and saves money and space, two aspects that are of concern in most factories. .
Faci clic per veure l´imatge    Faci clic per veure l´imatge       Faci clic per veure l´imatge


The Combi machine was designed for manufactures who would previously never have considered installing two machines, nor considered the possibility of paying for them. It enables these manufactures to obtain the same benefits as two independent machines would provide, both in terms of reliability and speed, and to save a considerable amount of space. . Faci clic per veure l´imatge


Faci clic per veure l' imatge These centres are characterised by a sophisticated electronic system that synchronises the blade and offsets the need for the torsion bar and mechanical stops of classic folding machines. This is possible because of the incorporation of position indicators for each of the cylinders. An automated electronic system flawlessly adjusts the blade. To perform non-parallel folds, the system allows the two cylinders to be controlled and positioned independently .
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