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Standard Equipament

The new COMBI series comes fully equipped, which means that it is fully operational and provides a high performance level from the start:

The COMBI Combined Shear-Folding Centre is the ideal work tool. It combines the shearing and folding of sheet metal, two very different, in the same machine. A highly rigid, oversized monoblock chassis, which is mechanised after soldering, guarantees perfect performance at the structural level.

Standard Equipament

-          Motorised stop with automatic positioning, semi-numerical control of the position of the stop (50 ten-sequence memory banks).

-          Shadow line lighting.

-          Support arm of shearing machine (1000mm).

-          Steel scale.

-          Stroke counter. Total/Partial.

-          Electric foot switch with two positions.

-          Teflon blankholders.

-          Four-edge blades.

-          Standard punch and sheep’s-foot.

-          Multi-tooth die.

-          EEC standard.

-          Numerical control panel

-     Folding machine 75 T.M.

-     Automatically positioned stops

-     Shadow line lighting

-     Punch carrier with adjustable bending of the blade.

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